Battery Safety

  • Buy a quality vape - VapEmpire stocks good quality vape products which is a good investment to make as it greatly reduces the risk of explosions which are common in cheaply made products.
  • Buy a quality smart charger - explosions can occur due to overcharging or discharging of batteries. A smart charger offers more safety features than a regular charger.
  • Never use damaged batteries - using a damaged battery will never end well. If there appears to be a fault, if the wrapping is damaged or frayed, or your battery fails to keep charge, expose of the battery safely.
  • Use the correct batteries. It’s crucial to do some research and find out what are the recommended batteries for your specific mod. There are many types of battery, including ICR, IMR and LiPo (Lithium Polymer),  Whatever you decide upon, you should never combine different types of battery in the same device.
  • Charge your batteries safely. Always charge them on the lowest setting to put the least stress on your batteries, and never leave them unattended. As soon as they are at full power remove them from the charger, otherwise you risk battery failure.
  • Check how your mod charges. Some box mods offer pass through charging, where you can use your device while simultaneously charging via USB. However, some mods use the mini USB port solely for hardware updates meaning the batteries must be removed and recharged using an external charger. Make sure you know how your mod works, or you could be in for a very long wait.
  • Check the charge of your batteries. If you run the batteries too low for too long, the lifespan will reduce and eventually fail. Be sure to check the voltage often, and recharge any batteries with a resting voltage of below 3.7